IARC unrated apps: What happens to them?

Hey guys,

a few weeks back, the IARC content rating system was introduced to Google Play. I´ve got one really old account with one app that still earns me some money, but I can´t get access to that account anymore. I´m afraid that the app will be removed anytime soon due to not being IARC rated. In the mails they send out to warn developers to rate their apps, they just claim to “remove” those apps, but there is no information about when they actually delete those apps.

Does anyone of you know how long that takes?

I think it just removes them from listings in countries that require the rating (a big chunk of countries I believe). That’s my understanding of it, but don’t hold me to it.

If they do start purging, I think we’ll only see a drop similar to the one in April.

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