IAP not working properly?

Hi everyone. I have a ‘Guess The Word’ application with IAP. My users are purchasing coins often.
But I got few emails from users about unsuccessful purchase. They said did not get any coins for the money. Is that possible?
I can check if they really paid for it, but I can’t check if they really don’t get any coins.

From 100 purchases only 1 user has this problem. Please advise me. Thank you!

I appreciate every opinion.

I didn’t implemented IAP but as it’s a very sensitive point (because money is involved), if I were you I’d update the app as follow:

  • require permissions to read user data
  • when a virtual good were bought, I would access an external server of mine and post the result of the buying process (success or failure) as well as email of the buyer, the amount of bought items, date and time of the event and any other piece of information you judge useful.

So, every time something is bought, you would have all details about it.

Also, are you sure your code doesn’t have a bug that under some special circumstances, even user having successfully paid, it fails to account the item bought.

Great idea! I will implement it as soon as possible.

I don’t think so. Users are able to buy coins at each level. Same activity, same method. Coins are always stored in Share Preferences.

That’s the point: how can you be sure it is really stored ? Maybe a bug in this part (under some circumstances) that either prevents it to be saved or retrieved.

Maybe it would be a good idea to check items available prior and after the buying process and then send this information in the notification process that I suggested you above.

Until you implement it (or another solution that could help you determine whether users are cheating on you) maybe it would be a good idea do contact the user and give him his money back (to avoid bad comments / ratings).

Good luck.

Of course it is possible. We couldn’t help you much, as this more like a bug in your code.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate!