I will review and give stars to your app !

Hi there, I will review your app in this thread and I will give you stars on the play store. You just need to leave the link to your app and wait a few hours. I will test them in a Galaxy Note and in a Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 If I get any force close or if I find any bug or visual problem I´ll add it on the review.

I know how hard it is to get the firsts downloads and the firsts stars so let me help you a little! XD

I hope to see a lot of new and interesting apps.

If you like to you can download my app in return and rate it :slight_smile:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsimple.secretsbook :stuck_out_tongue:

(it´s a sharing secrets app, so if you like you can add a funny secret). :cool:

C ya !

(sorry my crappy English)

my app

Well Here is the 1st review !!!

The app is well done, there are some things you have to check.

1st The adds there are a lot of adds… Also The admob add is in the middle of the guns so It´s a little bothering… I kwno you did it to get clicks but You have to think in the users.

2nd In the Galaxy Note the graphic is fine, but in the tablet the it uses a 60% of the screen leaving a lot off space unused.

3rd When you make a short click on the gun the sound stops… that´s strange… check the code in the on click event.

4th The screen captures you have on the play store are really bad :stuck_out_tongue: jeje The eclipse lets you take pictures of the screen. Go to window > other (or all i don´t remember) > Devices. in the devices section if you have your phone conected you will se it select it and click the camera icon on the top. Then refresh and save the image as…

Well I hope it helped Congratulations on your app and keep making apps.

C ya !

pd: I gave you +5 in the play store as I will do with everyone.

thank you, i made that app last month and it was my first app thats why it have some bugs
and for ads i put that much ads because im testing different ad companies to know whats better and use it in my future apps
and for screenshots the problem was that the app uses the camera and the emulator couldnt connect to the laptop camera
thanks for your feedback

Nice idea for an app! I rated and +1 it. Some of the secrets are pretty funny.

My app is http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xdebugx.eGraffiti

Really nice app ! In te tab it looks greate! The adds are not invasive, the response to the touch is really good. I tryied it with the s pen and it works fine. The graphics are not amazing but they do the job. The global wall is a little small i think and it would be awesome to have pinch to zoom but It’s still a good app you deserve the downloads :slight_smile:

I gave you my +5

My app is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.operamusic. Please give it a review and 5 stars!

Hi there. I Installed your app in my 10.1 note tab.

The graphics works fine, everything is where it shoukd be.

The section for the ringtones didn’t worked may be because it’s a tab as it said that it couldn’t find my phone number…

There are a lot of youtube videos and that is fine but I prefer when the apps embed their videos insted of loading my youtube app… that’s a littke anoying for me but probably most people doesn’t care.

About the book I happen to be a profesional musician I play the violoncello and I’v studied a lot of music history and didn’t like the book I didn’t read it all I read a few lines but don’t worry it’s a profesional point of view. I have to admit I’ts interesting if you don’t know that much :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically your app is a compilation of youtube links web pages and books. I’t a good app simple and you’v probably spent not that much time coding. So in the time spent vs incomes balance you may have a winner if the app scalates the ranking and everything.

about the ads every time I have a disclimer for adds I hate the programer a little. I know you whant to make more moneybut for me invasive adds are an uninstall reason. I didn’t accept the disclimer so I don’t know which adds you are showing but if you need a disclimer we all know that eventually a push or something will apear. With this I don’t say you shuldn’t use invasive adds but you have to check if the uninstalls of an invasive add are or not compensate with it’s higger revenue…

I’m shure I miss spelled a lot of words sorry about that I need a spell checker for my keyboard when I write in english…, :frowning:

C ya !

I hope this review is usefull. Feel free to ask me anything

Thank you. Have you reviewed and rated it?

I made it in BuzzTouch. Ads are TapContext, they send 1-3 push notification a day, even if you have multiple apps with them. So, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Yes you will find my stars under this same nick and +5 at the end

hi my app’s are https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devankit.apkshare

hi my app’s are https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devankit.apkshare
Please review it and give my app 5 stars.


let me if you think that google play will ban it

Hi there! I rated the app as usual with plus 5

1st the app has a prahical isue when using it with my tablet. Basically it is imposible to use in a 10.1 inch screen. I recomend not to use xml to make the graphic design. It´s better if you do it programatically… harder but better results. Allways use a relation betwen the positions, height or width with the device height or width. For example I sometimes use (screenwidth / 10) for text view in my apps. Check that out.

2nd I´m almost shure it´s against google plicies… but may be if you put a disclimer? I saw your thread I didn´t read it but there you will have a second opinion for sure.

3rd I hate invasive adds… but every body uses them… I should give them a try my self some time…

The bright side it´s a good idea to use a phisher to steal facebook acount´s… If you are in to it.

My opionion is that you should think in a diferent app.

C ya !

I hope this review helps.


THANKS A LOT!! :slight_smile:

I will review the 3 of them

I have allready rated them on the play store with 3 plus 5

APK sharer


Nice interface in black the bar at the bottom where it shows the space availeable i think It is all shrinked in my 10.1 tablet. Also the boxes for the buttons are smaller than the words for example check none the c is almost outside of the gray box… I would recomend to give it some margins.-

All the rest is a really good app you can share the apk and that´s greate. Really usefull.

Apk installer

Graphics… The same issue with the apk sharer.

Everithing else seams to work fine.

About the apk root uninstaller.

The graphics are fine… I whink the problem is with your admob in the other 2 apps…

I couldn´t try the root uninstall because I´m not root on my devices but everithing looks fine.

Finally I wan´t to congratulate you about your apps they are really good I liked them. The apk sharer is a keeper.

I hope this review was helpfull any question feel free to send me a pm.


ALSO! :slight_smile: you rock.

Stickyman live wallpaper

Graphics: the graphics are really cool in fact I changed the despicable me minions with your starwars theme and it’s a keper. Te frame rate is a little low just a little tiny bit. Maybe you could give 2 o 3 frames more per second, with this i 'm not saying it looks bad as it is. About the loop point of the animation is really well done if you pay a lot of atention you can see the loop point but if you are not staring the screen like me you won’t notice.

The options in the menu makes me want to buy the full version that epic war theme and kill the stickyman must be awesome I couldn’t try the wallpaper in my tab I when I return home I’ll give it a try.
Nice of you not putting adds in this one. Buis that profitable? I mean you ll have More downloads yes but is it worth? I’m sure you will check that with the other lwp

Gave you my +5

The explode them all live wallpaper

Graphics. The explode graphics are fine but not awesome the little droids are grate. When i switch screens the droids slide with the icons you should check that. If they slide the backgrounds should do the same.

As I said with the other lwp the settings makes me wanna buy the paid version.

+5 in play store

Overall they are both good lwp I liked the stickyman a little more. But I would recommend both of them.

I hope this review helps.

C ya!

Here is my app.


Thanks in advance.


Well this app is very usefulll bla bla bla… And everything but is there anything that your app can do that I can’t do with facebook, whatsapp, viber etc… ? Your app is really nice but in order to be sucsesfull your app must have something new. Maybe there is something i didn’t see and i’m misjudging your app but even if it’s grate nice beautifull is not enough. That is my opinion maybe i’m wrong.

Grphics. Really nice graphics I liked the colours and the interface. The 2 screens at the begginig the splash and the other one doesent fill the screen heiht or width. Check that.

When i search for a user if my conection is bad… It keeps searching and i can’t cancel the search with the back button.

Well nothing else i gave you my +5 good luck!

I know i said bad things about your app but it’s not because it isn’t a good app. It looks really nice and it works properly…

Sometimes the most profitable app is the one you make in 2 hours… In my case it was… It was really disapointing when i realised that apps that took me a month to develop has 2 month later 800 downloads…