I will provide 15 karma upvotes and two comments for your Reddit post

What’s in it for you:

  • A mix of upvotes and comments is much stronger for popularity than upvotes only;
  • 100% manual work, no bots;
  • All accounts have positive link karma and comment karma;
  • All accounts have interesting names, not random stuff like vslrn45;
  • The accounts have different age and different subreddits where they usually comment (different “interests”);
  • I use VPNs from all over the world in order to have each user on its own IP/location;
  • I use a browser extension that allows me to have each user on its own useragent, platform, oscpu and accept headers;
  • I use a browser extension that clears the cookies for me between accounts (otherwise I might forget);
  • I have taken all the necessary measures required to not leak my real working IP to the Reddit servers (and there are quite a few; Reddit has the strongest anti-spam WAF);
  • I will send you a private message when I start work in order to facilitate monitoring of my performance;
  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement) - I will never speak to anyone about this transaction and I expect the same from you;
  • Fast delivery. For example, if you’re buying the gig between 10:00 and 22:00 GMT, you can expect me to deliver within three hours. Otherwise, I guarantee delivery within 15 hours.

Note that if we don’t deal through Fiverr then you’ll have to make the payment through any cryptocurrency because I don’t want to risk having chargebacks on Paypal.

How to acquire this service and others that I might have related to marketing:
OPTION 1: Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/pronzo
OPTION 2: Contact me directly on Skype (Pronzo.me) or ICQ (653785050)
OPTION 3: Find me on irc.blackhatworld.com (Pronzo)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Note: You’ll notice there that I offer a similar service for Voat.co and Hacker News (Y-Combinator)

Therefore (for a bit of post SEO):
reddit upvotes service
reddit comments service
voat upvotes service
voat comments service
hacker news upvotes service
hacker news comment service

Cheers :slight_smile:

maybe you should try this guy to monetize your app:

ADXMI - Your Specialist of Promotion & Monetization
Global Developer Monetization - 海外媒介经理
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EDIT: I’ve joined forces with Reddit upvotes & more ? upvotes.club!! Find me there!

Or for live chat:
Twitter - @UpvotesClub
Jabber - [email protected]

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