I want to sell my game app (3 million downloads, about 3000 USD revenue per month)

Hi guys,

i want to sell my game app with over 3 million downloads (170000 avtive users) and actually about 3000 USD monthly income through appodeal ads.

How much money could i get from such an app ? And where could i sell it (beside flippa) ?

Why you want to sell it? I think you could sell for around 2 years income from the app, i.e. $3000 x 24, provided the app can generate stable income.

I think that no one will give 24x3k$. Maybe big company if the game is making a very good impression and has a potential. Normally max is 1 year income in such market, so I would bet 3k*12=36k$ max. Everyone knows that one day app is making X$, and second day it can be half of it. Also there could be a problem with seller and Google policies, so I think 1 year income is really MAX what you can take

2 years? lol

I would say max 2 months, Google play is unstable and policies are changing day to day, also downloads tends to decrease so revenue… This 1 year / 2 year only applies to super good quality apps, for example Solitaire (acquired by Zinga recently). Its better idea to keep the app till the end

I was assuming the thread starter selling legitimate good quality app, because it wasn’t that easy to get 3m downloads. If the app is just one time wonder, spike to that such amount of downloads in only few months, not gradually to get that, then the price should be going down.

As for 2 months? Really? Who is going to sell for 2 months money if it is not some spam apps? Can you sell me your app for 1 month money since you said 2 months is max?

There no one selling game app for 2 months, at least 6 months i think.

Question - why do you want to sell the game? Is $3k/mo not sufficient for you? Do you want to focus on other projects? Are downloads decreasing or increasing? Is revenue increasing, decreasing or staying the same?

Typically if you have more downloads coming in and revenue is increasing = higher sellability. If your game is stale, not many downloads coming in, revenue is the same or decreasing, the value is far decreased.

Something else - have you considered using a publisher? Sometimes an influx of publisher capital and their expert review can lead to a massive uptick in game downloads and overall revenue. I’m not sure they’d take on a $3k/mo app, but possibly something to consider. Especially if you could add in in-app purchasing to increase revenue.

I want to sell it because i need a lot of money now for trading cryptos ! Thats the reason … income and downloads are stable … not increasing but also not decreasing (or maybe only minimal)

Ahh then I think you’ll be in a good spot to look into selling it. You’ll want to be careful how you word why you want to sell the app - anytime folks are purchasing a business they always want to know why you’re selling and will look for opportunities to underbid you.

Since income and downloads are stable, you should be in a good place. If either were decreasing they’d give folks valid reasons to lowball you on the offer. Another idea would be to invest some of the $3k you’re making into CPI offers to see if you can increase the number of downloads/revenue for a month or two - this would show your app is growing and would lead to better sale prices. Of course that would slow the process and take away from some of your profits. But food for thought :).