I want to sell google play stars and google plus +1

I am google play stars and google plus +1 supplier. All ratings and pluses are from real and natural users who are getting 1 cent for install & rate. I have network of 50k active raters with real devices.


250 google 5 stars - 500$ - delivery time 2 days
500 google 5 stars - 1000$ - delivery time 3 days
1000 google 5 stars - 2000$ - delivery time 4 days

10 000 google 5 stars - 10 000$ - delivery time 14 days

Google Plus +1 prices for application:

250 google+1 - 500$ - delivery time 1 day
500 google+1 - 1000$ - delivery time 2 days
1000 google +1 - 2000$ delivery time 3 days
10 000 google +1 - 10 000$ delivery time 14 days

Contact via skype:

Do you know this is against Google’s TOS ?

Never mind that… we are in the WRONG BUSINESS GUYS !!! Did you see the margins he is making ?!?

10k 5stars = $10k … which means he charges $1 per 5star…but he says he pays the people $0.01 each! That’s $9900 pure profit :slight_smile:


Oh ya… and against the TOS as mentioned.

is this american dollars? sorry we put the dollar sign before the numbers so I thought the whole thing may be off, lol, if these guys will do this each for only a penny imagine what you could get them to do for fifty cents, I’m guessing ratings are all in chinese?

You guys know that Google segments … right ? Even if an app is really popular in China, it might be nowhere on the US or European versions of Google Play.

I don’t know why this guy is charging so much for this crap… Just go to fiverr… jeez rookie…

wow… you are really honest to let us know what a profit margin you can get from this business…100 times of the cost…Just unbelievable. lol

Very rare approach indeed :slight_smile:

This made my day, really!

Polish businessman!

That’s why I have a service for discerning developers with a taste of all things Europe and Murica. App Reviews for Sale | Buy android and iOS ratings

on fiverr you can get 100 ratings for 5 bucks


  1. Account from my stock

  2. New IP and clear browser cookies and cache

  3. Gmail account with a new, random recovery e-mail that was never used before along with a phone number that really exists.

  4. Credit/debit card that is Never used with Google before

Price : 65$