I think admob is the best for what i do.

Im living in Romania and ofc im using admob.
Im getting 1.40 Euro RPM which is pretty good .
Im a beginner and you cab see it :rolleyes: but im pretty proud.
If you are using the same network can u please tell me some numbers from your admob status ? :smiley:

My is on average about the same as yours.

How many downloads and clicks do you have?

A few thosand DL per day. CTR is about 1,5% (banners + interstitials). Btw, do not share your exact AdMob data anywhere publicly. It’s not allowed.

That RPM is because of inters. The day you switch inters to some other network, they may also give you same cpm. Sometime appnext, startapp or mobileCore. Do integrate minimum 2 ad networks in your apps bcoz you never know when will admob ban you and stop sending impressions to users which have already installed the app. At least other ad networks don’t ban.

So do integrate admob + any one out of appnext,mC,Airpush or startapp

Why should i be banned?

That’s a million dollor question for which all indie devs are finding answer but no luck. :slight_smile: