I need your opinion on these icons

I Need your opinion.

I’m working on a new update for my note app. I’ve added a feature that allows the user to add a shortcut to their homescreen that directly adds a new note.

Now I’ve made two icons and need your opinion wich one to use.
On the left there’s the app icon with a +, on the right a whole new icon that shows a note with a +.

I like the one on the left, but it may be confused with a file folder icon. I think the one on the right better signifies that its a new note.

I like the one on the right because it is simple

This was my thought EXACTLY.

Hi Martin,
They looks both very nice to me but they are too generic.
Why don’t you try to use your application icon and add the plus to it?
The user will immediately understand what’s the meaning of that.


So after reading all the comments here and on Google plus, I decided to create a new icon. This will also replace the app icon. The current icon looks too much like a folder and gives the impression that it’s a file application.

Thanks for all the input. :slight_smile: