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I need Viber Desktop

Hi friends

I need some assistance about the Viber desktop. In fact I know the basics that, i should download an android emulator to start using viber desktop and I have bluestack installed already. However its still not working for me. In fact, my smart phone is away due to a warranty claim and dont have another personnel android device right now ( but I have a few around me). Every time when I install Viber through the bluestacks it says that they are sending me the code, which never comes actually ( on my regular phone) and thats why I cant par the activation process for Viber desktop. In short I have

  1. A personnel but regular phone ( not smart )
  2. Some smart phones around me ( to borrow)
  3. Bluestacks
  4. Viber desktop

But still I cant use it. Any solutions ?

Have you tried to contact Viber guys directly regarding this issue?

No Jackie, I have not because I am trying sort of a tweak. As I have mentioned I dont have a smart phone but can emulate the process using bluestack

No idea.Talk to the Viber authority instead.

go to google, search for it and install. there are a lot of this