I know it's January and Ad Revenue has taken a freaken HIT! What are you guys looking

What are you guys seeing in the marketplaces for average numbers, wow they are freaking TANKING! Just to qualify most my traffic is on standard banner ads. I use three ad networks now. NO AD MOB

Here’s what I got:

             Fill Rate          CTR            ECPM

Inmobi 22.02% 2.27% $0.47

Mmedia 31.43% 3.53% $0.38

Smaato 27.08% 1.93% $.13

These are pathetic numbers. I talked to my account managers and they are saying they are waiting on I/0 to be signed by advertisers. What are you guys hearing??? Please help?

Mine are at around $0.50 with LeadBolt, hopefully better once i switch out to some mediation. I’ll be sure to make a quick report on what each adnetwork cpm is once I get at least 10 thousand on each!

So you are only using Leadbolt? Just curious what is your daily traffic? How many ad request are you getting? If you are over 1-2 Million I would use several ad networks… Please advise

Currently using Adiquity and for 1/1 - 1/7 I am seeing 68% fill rate, 2.18 CTR and .10 ecpm. Compared to 12/1-12/7 last month which was 70.1% fill rate, 3.20 ctr and .25 ecpm. Might try Smaato or another RTB/mediation network

Wow,!!! $.10 eCPM??? HOLY :mad:

The best question should be what is Airpush, Startapp, MobileCore and all the usual suspects paying out right now? Are they seeing the same issues? Please explain. AirpushNick can you enlighten us?

I use Leadbolt for one app, and Unity Ads for both. (Only 2 apps). Daily traffic is probably 35-50k impressions if I add both together. I am about to switch to AerServ for mediation so I’ll see how that works out!

You should try their Video, solid eCPMs. When tested we got about $4.00 eCPM and up!

AerServ or UnityAds? UnityAds gives a $6 CPM but only fills %45 which is pretty bad. Hopefully Aerserv will work well for the other %55

Hi CGak,

At Airpush, we have plenty of advertisers available and feed partners that we work with. Demand changes throughout the year, and is typically softer in Q1, but our network eCPM is averaging a solid $1 - $1.50+.

PM me to chat further.


Airpush Nick

AerServ Video ads… better than Adcolony and better payment terms. Ad Colony is net 90?

Hi guys,

Happy new year!

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got $0.09 ecpm from MC - usually had around $2, any idea??

I have one app with MobileCore
Daily revenue is $40 - $70 (18k to 30k daily impressions for interstitial)

Sample earnings:


And one of my good days last January 4 revenue

I wonder where this problem with CPI based networks comes from. Since sometime in December Chartboosts ecpm also dropped from $4 to $0.5 from one day to another. Ad installs were suddenly extremely low. Usually we had one install every 500 impressions, then it increased to about 4000 impressions needed for an install.

So how much do you earn for your best days? Please include the impressions… tnx

This is not guaranteed… It is solely depends on your user if they like to install the advertised apps.

25.000 impressions per day, $0.5 ecpm, $12.50 earned. I reactivated it one time in January again when we had 50.000 impressions a day, still only $0.6 ecpm. In Chartboost I can see how often a specific ad (for example clash of kings) got displayed to a user and how often it got installed + how much we earned. The ads displayed didn’t change at all. Users just stopped to download it. For the months before we always had a good ecpm, now it’s just dead.

I don’t know how chartboost account managers are but some AD networks you can discuss which ADs are not performing and which ones are. Obviously clash of clans is not performing maybe ask him is there newer game advertisers. After a month or 2 people get immune to seeing the same AD over and over again in different apps. Hopefully account manager can resolve your issue.

I know what you mean, but this happened from one day to another at the same time Admob had this drop in revenue in December. Usually this is a slowly drop that happens over months when people get sick seeing the same ads. I contacted Chartboost and this guy there gave me such an incompetent answer, competely away from the topic that I didn’t even wanted to continue this conversation.