I just localized my app

Kind of announcement. I have done localization for one my app. Here is what I had to do:

  1. localize the content of my app. This content was served from raw folder. So had to created raw-xx folders
  2. Localized messages/labels in my app by using values-xx folders
  3. Added translation/screenshots in google play developer console.

Currently support 13 odd languages. The only thing I think I could have done better is to provide country specific translation. For e.g. Portuguese is also spoken in Brazil but it is different what is spoken in Portugal and hence we need to provide country and language specific resources which I think I would do in next update if I get time.

I was thinking of doing this as well, I noticed some top apps doing this and I thought it might be a good idea to integrate them into my own. Did you notice an increase?

yup. Earlier the daily new install rate was ~7 and now it is ~25

Wow thats a nice increase, maybe I’ll add them to my one as well.

You were talking 7 thousand to 25 thousand? This kind of improvement is from not even having the title and description translate right? I wonder how much improvement do you get by localizing your in app contents? I thought translating app title descriptions was the only decisive factor.

I think he meant 7 to 25 (not thousand).

is it 7 downloads per day or what?

yup it was 7 downloads. But now after translating to more languages, I have reached 60 downloads per day as of now. (not an entertainment app/game)