i have problem how to promote my apps ?


But all of traffic is Arab traffic :confused: the Click is to bad
and Methode to promote my apps and some one give me niche please ? and how to promote ? thanks !

You can outreach some bloggers doing a post with app reviews, offer some money to them and they will publish a review of your articles.
This way, their audience will download your apps as well as you can also make money from them.
We also do android apps review on our blog, likewise you can outreach best bloggers around your subject, outreach them and get featured there.

Ok, Here is about how to promote apps on play store.
Due to more and more smart people using Android system and Android phone become more and more popular, even Indonesian people who always using Nokia and Blackberry system has suddenly updated their phones into Android system in half a year.

So that’s the reason why more and more developers aim at the Android market and manage to develop an Android app.

But it’s not easy to run an app successfully. Not only for the design and code, but the marketing job, it’s not easy neither. Cos the competition is too fierce .

There are something that developers need to know before promoting.

1.Test your app
Test it in varied Android phones to make sure is suitable for any kind of screen size and the resolution.
Test it in different Android OS, especially with the lower version OS . Ensure that compatible with a variety of OS.

2.Creating a landing page
It’s so important, when a potential users see your app or the advertisements of it , they need to launch on a page to know about your app, And your landing page is just working for this, you can put a video or text description for your app to make the target users know your app well. This could invert them to your real users.

3.Upload it on Google Play Store
Survey shows that 80% users like to download Android apps on Google Play Store, So if hope to increase the downloads or get more users for your app then don’t hesitate to upload it on Google Play Store.

How to promote app on Google Play?

What can be called a successful app promotion?
Top ranking, high rating ,well reviewed and millions of downloads, millions of users.
Yes, these are the labels for a successfully promoted app.

You will get all the labels if you optimize your app in Play Store, Start to do the ASO for your app.

What is ASO?
ASO is the abbreviation of “App Store Optimization”, It’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’s search results. The higher the app ranks in the app store’s search results, the more visibility for potential users, the more traffic to your app or your app’s page in the app store.

How to do the ASO?
1.A beautiful Icon
A beautiful icon is always easy to leave deep impression to the people who see it, it will help to make the users download and try your app. Besides the icon, comfortable app screenshots and awesome app video also has a very important effect on the app ranking in the app store.

2.Title contains main keywords
According to the Google Play Store data, it shows that the title contains keywords can improve 10.3% ranking in the app store, so be sure to put the main keywords in the title.

3.High ratings
Only 15% users would like to download those apps with 2 ratings, and 50% users would like to download those 3 rating apps, but 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.

So in order to increase the opportunity to be downloaded for you app, There are three measures you can take.
One is that you can guide those users who have downloaded your app and uses well to rate your app.

The other one is taking seriously of those ratings below 3 stars, if it’s a malicious attack from competitors or other people please report it to Google Support.

Besides these two ways, you can use the professional ASO service of ASO companies such as ASOtop1, they can provide more professional service for you and help your app ranking top in a pretty short time.

4.Good reviews
70% of the users will see at least one app review, 75% of the users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, only 42% of the users will use their own judgment on the quality of the app.

Good reviews is also very important factor in app promoting, users will leave good reviews for your app for its good functions or beautiful interface, so make sure design and code your app as well as you can, If you tried everything that you could but still cannot get enough good reviews then you also ask paid-review company help you, just like BestReviewApp, it will help you access a lot of users and leave a good review for you.

It’s not easy to develop an Android app, just pay more attention to the marketing , you have to learn something about how to promote Android app on Play Store. then it’s really possible to make it a success.

Click is to bad
and Methode to promote my apps and some one give me niche please ? chung cư liền kề biệt thự and how to promote ? thanks !

It is best to look for the niche that you like to you and you think you can succeed. No one here will give your business idea or your niche to create competition.

Only I can tell you that if you want to make money will have to be a little illegal niches.

this guy is definitly from the arabic world , those people always ask stupid questions , " give me a niche " , i mean they are the most lazy and spammy people on the play store …

The fact that he has a signature and link in Vietnamise… makes me thing he is not from the arabic world…

appbrain is decent to get relativly cheap downloads, and adwords if you have a high conversion rate.

There are different ways of promoting your apps. I think using Shorten URL is one of the cheapest and effective way of promoting your app. With https://clkim.com/ you will get the opportunity of customizing your Ads. You can use text with information how to download an use your App. It proves effective for me. It almost double my conversion rate.

How to promote a game… depends mainly on your kind of game and your specific goals. There are tons of ways to make a “promotion campaign”, to boost your ranking, to improve your earnings, to improve your account authority, etc etc etc… ASO, Localized ASO, burst campaigns, keyword boosters, social media promotion, backlinks, eCPM improvement …
I would say that the best thing for you to do is to ask a professional to take a look to your app and build a specific strategy that covers your goals.

Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free -

  1. Get in Touch

  2. Reach Out To Influencers

  3. Leverage Your Mobile Website

  4. Feature the App in an Official Blog

  5. Feature The App in Your Emails

  6. Create a Demo Video

  7. Consider Alterative App Stores

  8. Apply for Awards.

Also you can buy android US install and reviews , i personally use this service : http://keyapp.top/

From my point of view, you’d better buy ASO service for your apps.
It is a useful way to promote your app in a short time. And you also should pay attention to the following things:
1.design your app to attract users’ attention,
2.consider for your customers,
3.social media ,
4.buy app reviewsand ratings.
The last one is very important for app developers to promote their apps, especially they want take a major position in Apple store or Google Play and other kinds app stores.

It is a pity that you did not specify the type and category of your application. If I knew your targeted audience, I could advise your which tools would be the most successful for you.
Meanwhile I’m gonna share some tips you should go for without hesitation:

  1. Answer yourself who are the users of your app. Determine their age, gender, profession and interests, location.You must know why your app is better than other apps and try to deliver this information to your potential audience.
  2. Prepare an eye-catching logo for the app, write an indexable short description about it, take informing screenshots. You should optimize mobile app to rank higher in an app store’s search. Check out such services as SensorTower or ASOdesk, AppFollow, etc. – they all should offer some free trials for new customers.
  3. Find out specific benefits and try to reach journalist who will be interested in promotion the app among their readers. Lots of them might write about you for free, if you can prove them the app is really cool. I’d suggest to check out the book by Steve Sande and Erica Sadun called “Pitch Perfect: The Art of Promoting Your App on the Web” written by journalists who have worked on mobile app reviews for many years.
  4. If you own a website, a blog, public pages in social networks, don’t ignore this channels of user acquisition. Make posts about your app – friends are prime candidates for using your app. It’s a way to receive the first feedback about the app. This will help you to find bugs and improve the app usability. If your app relates to your work, you can also add an url and QR codes to your app on emails or billing statements to your existing customers.

There are lots of paid ways to promote an app. If you have a budget for paid user acquisition activities, you can try to run well-targeted ad campaigns on Facebook or do a research of mobile ad platforms that provide services for app promotion.

The most effective method is launch ad campaign via such channels as Facebook or a CPI self-serve ad platform. It is a way to get non-incentive traffic. CPI means you will pay only for installs, real users who have downloaded your app, non-incentive traffic means it’s gonna be their genuine interest to download your app. You can spend even such a small sum as $100 to run a test ad campaign inClickky’s self-serve ad platform.
Disclaimer: I work for Clickky, we provide solutions for mobile monetization and user acquisition and we offer a self-serve tool where developers can run ad campaigns for their apps.

If you want to know how much it costs to promote an app in different countries, you can find out CPI (Cost-per-install) indexes from Clickky CPI Index. The data below is based on Clickky’s advertising campaign data and shows average Android and iOS CPI comparison for non-incentive ads.

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hi, there are many ways.
1.share your apps to your facebook, twitter,etc, and aks your friends help you promote it
2. post your APP on bbs
3.cooperate with other apps. recommand each other
4.ASO(there are many app store optimization company, you can know several companies, then choose the best one. )

hope this can help u .

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