i have an idea for a business that uses an app to make orders

Hello I am Shaggy. I am trying to find someone to help me with a business app. I have the idea and all the basic connects worked out. I just need someone that can build an app for me. I am clueless on how to build one and need help. I will give up a decent % of the company for the building part of the business. it deals with clothes and students. almost a million possible customers that will be repeat repeat repeat customers. It is a fairly simple app but once again I am clueless on how to build one. I need some one here to help. I currently live in Atlanta and would start marketing here first. I know the schools and know the business very well. This will be the first app to corner this market to my knowledge and I have check multiple times to make for sure of this. This could easily become huge in one year. There is very very little overhead and large markup. after we get the schools setup with our app we move on to the next school and so on. We would purely be a middle man in a huge untapped business. please reply as I am very excited to get this business up and going. I already have connection still in place at a few schools here. plus I have a kick back for users to ensure we get every possible student to buy through us.

Hi I can help you. Please could you PM me details of the app?

I have partnered with many people on similar cases and I am familiar with cases like that. I am located in Canada so we can expand here as well :slight_smile: pm me the details and I will tell you upfront if I am up for the commitment. Everything you share is confidential as well