I have a problem with Senddroid

I have a problem with Senddroid.3 months ago I sent a message to the support that I would cancel my account and that I have paid the money earned. Did not get no response even though I sent them a few messages. So I wrote to the person “Senddroid Official Company Representative” in this forum. After some time I received a reply


I’m sorry. I did not see this message at all.

Could you send over your concern is [email protected]? Bilal is the head of Business Development.

You can even tell me your concern here and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Again, my apologies for the delay in this. But you have my guarantee That whatever it is, will be taken care of immediately.


I was glad that someone finally replied to my email. I did so as it was written in the mail, which I sent an email with a message to [email protected] or “Director of Business Development” and replies received

Hey there,

Can you please confirm the amount of payment you have received from SendDroid so far?

Our Accounting wants to compare the numbers before they send out the final payment.


I replied to this email and the contact ended. Money has so far not received and no I have not written on my emails, nor [email protected] nor Senddroid Official Company Representative "in this forum. Dont know what to do next. Does anyone have any idea how you can contact them to receive the answer? Please help me with my problem.

how much money?

I really hate senddroid, too many problems!

I never had any issues, but my friend is owed over $1400 they haven’t sent him a payment since January.