I have 2 Game ideas, these have never been used yet

2 new fresh game ideas here and none of these ideas exist on android yet.

Idea number 1: Fire Drill! - this game you have 3 minutes to escape a building when the fire alarm goes off, easier levels will be false alarms while harder levels will have smoke/fire, going to close to fire will drain the time quicker.

Idea number 2: Suicide Bomber! - This game you are a suicide bomber and the goal is to blowup as much stuff/humans as possible on each level, you must reach a certain score to pass each level where you can earn 1-3 stars per level.

Now lets see who can put one of these games together and make huge $$$$ off my ideas.

I have 1000 ideas for games. :slight_smile: The problem is development time.

And idea number 2 might be considered not politically correct.

you want a million dollar game idea? two words:


A first person shooter whose character represents all the man cliches and use an arsenal of manly weapons to kill an horde of homosexual zombies.

hahaah - most of us get some funny, crazy and maybe million dollar ideas - the issue is that we probably think too much (or it would actually take to much) to put them in practice … anyway - this post made me smile - and neat ideas, gotta give you that! :slight_smile:

I had an idea for a game inspired by Fight Club. It would be an augmented reality game where people do small tasks in real world on virtual objects. Tasks are generated by a server (bring one virtual object from point A to point B to gain 50 gems etc.), but I would leave myself access to give people special tasks. And when the game is popular I would start giving people real tasks - take real package from one place to another, receive package from someone else and put it in a designated place, take a photo at a certain hour of a certain place - and soon I would rule the whole world having the biggest army of spies ever. :wink:

Sometimes I think Ingress is just that for Google. :wink:

love the suicide bomber idea

I like Sucide Bomber. Its very interesting.

I think that killing gay zombies won’t be very appreciated (it will be seen as politically incorrect)

Killing sexi Nazi zombies would be better. :slight_smile:

I completely agree. The sexier the better :wink:

Ideas are dime a dozen, it’s execution that counts

Haha idea one is like my idea which I am working on in. :D. You have to escape prisons.