I have 2 D&D board games

I have 2 D&D board games; Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon. They look to play out rather elaborate, and it looks as if the dungeon will meander around the table. However, I anticipate that I won’t finish a game in one sitting, so what do you guys do to cover the table when away? Just so the cats don’t chew up the heroes, if you get my drift.

Is it possible to relocate the table inside a room where the cats are not allowed?

I taught myself to close the door so that the cat wouldn’t get to my workplace. I always have a creative mess on my desk, I always write something down and then forget it. A couple of times it happened that our Morisson stole my notes, and I really forgot about important matters. But the worst thing was when one day I closed the door and didn’t notice that the cat was in my room. I put together a puzzle for 1000 elements for half a day, what do you think is left of it? Now I have thoroughly stocked up on https://www.jigsawdepot.com, always carefully inspecting the room for a cat, and only then close the door. If you’re saying that the events of a board game can grow beyond the perimeter of the table, I would rather move all my entertainment to the garage. No one will get me there.

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