I Hate Google my life goal is to destroy google

I rilly hate google they always suspend my apps it rilly pisses me off anyway my goal is to destroy google so that they never make another cent!
is anyone with me? or have any suggestions on how I should do this?

M with u :smiley:

Do you know why Google f*cked you?

impersonation or deceptive behavior ill just have to make another account cuz the one I have now is gunna get terminated 4 suspensions today but I don’t care anymore. I just want to make google my b**ch

Good luck with that :slight_smile:
Yall just saw the abc.xyz company right?

It’s like an ant wanting to destroy the Moon by throwing rocks at it.

ah man… you are looking so frustrated. Just sat back and relax. You may don’t like a few things about google, but consider a world without google! By the way, to provide you a bit comfort, let me recall the Orkut :smiley: I, am damn that you are one among the others who switched from orkut to join google. So at least you have some hand in the destruction of their social media baby which was dominating in the mid of last decades.

By the way, If you tried to do something shedy because of which they terminated your account multiple times?

you can create any other engine to destroy google