I guess I'm an old hand at this game now

Hey guys and gals. I’m Jon, and I’ve been doing Android work since June 2010.
My real breadwinner app is Droidicon. At it’s peak in May 2011, it brought in about $9,500. Last month it brought in about $3,500.

More recently, I launched Tha Icon Ultimate in collaboration with Tha Phlash. In it’s first month, it brought in about $400. Last month, it brought in $768.75. Of course, Tha Phlash gets half of that.

I went full time independent dev in March 2011. Since my income is falling now, I have decided to go to work for a firm. I’m starting at Phunware as an Android software engineer on January 23rd.[/align]

Thanks for dropping by Jon. You’ve got a lot of experience there, and the figures you’ve been earning are inspirational for many “younger” developers.

All the best at your new job! Hope to see you around the Android dev circles still, and look forward to seeing some of your new work when it’s ready :slight_smile: