I got Question (Newbie app developer Here)

Hi to all the senior and expert,

I am new to android development and got a lot of question and unclear, hopefully someone can answer my question.
I just start to learn Android App development, and learning through YouTube, but that was technical part.

The question I want to ask is,

[li]Can the developer to use any source (Music,Picture,and etc) thing from the internet to develop app (games app)?[/li][li]How can i earn money through monetize advertisement in my app?as long the advertisement is showing on the screen?[/li][li]When i try to submit my Application too Google, i need a developer account which will cost 25USD? and the income of the app 30% will go to google?[/li][/ol]

Sorry for the poor English, hope everyone can understand what I trying to said. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. When using music, videos or pictures from any source, you need to check who owns the copyright (if not in the public domain) and get permission if needed.

  2. I don’t use adverts in my apps (yet), so I cant answer that one

  3. It’s a one-off payment to google, but they take a percentage of all app income (I think you’re right about it being 30%). Which isn’t bad really when you consider they set up the shop and tools to distribute your app. Amazon charge about the same - I’m not sure about other distribution portals.

Appreciate for your time to answering my question…:o:D
Can you give me an example of public domain?

Stuff in the public domain is something that is no longer subject to copyright, due to ending of time restraint, or the copyright owner giving it over for public use.