I got 40,000 downloads in one single day for free. Now trending in many countries

Guys, so I recently launched a new app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=calc.calculator.scientific.scientific_calculator.
And I contacted many people just like I have told you guys previously about How I do marketing.
So one of the websites AppTurbo decided to promote my app in their “App of the Day” for free for me,but they also charge ,depending upon the type of the app etc and how much you know them.
So they promoted my app on 6th October and I got 40,000 installs in a single day. And it has made my app trending in many countries.
Like it is at #1 Trending in Italy.
#4 In UK
And in top 10 trending in many countries.

You can shoot them an email and try out your luck.
Also if you would like to know what worked for me?
I would say a good UI.
I have reskinned this app ,purchasing code from codecanyon for 14$ Scientific Calculator - Mobile | CodeCanyon
And The only thing special about this app was a good UI.
I just can’t tell you the importance of good ui and a good presentation for getting the attention of users and reviewers.

But not all got by AppTurbo man :wink: I think you have some 5k max downloads from them :wink: it’s 1-5mln users in this app, so their range isn’t so big. Your app just boosted on the start with nice traffic and got generic.

No no, I got 42,000 downloads from them.
I was getting around 200 download per day before that.
The app is 2-3 months old.
I put version “1.0” even after the update so that people think the app is new :smiley:

if you got from them, so they have to have amazing DAU in their app :slight_smile:

yes 4 million

wow such an irony that the original apps lost really far from the skinned one haha
but yeah you got really really nice presentation in the screenshot, and the aps visual is looks elegant.
the original is really dull and boring

anyway just a question about the picture, but maybe i’ll message you

App Of The Day is a very good way to promote apps for free, I’d like to say.

Congrats on your success Keep up the good Work [emoji106]

BTW I don’t think people check version code what they do check is when the app was updated

Can you please share what user acquisition rate this app is getting?

yes if people see version code=5.3 ,updated 3 days ago.
They will think the app is old.
But if they see version 1,updated 3 days ago.
They will think the app is new :smiley:

I am getting around 2000 downloads a day.
Is this what you meant ?

No, If you goto user acquisition tab in your app’s setting you will see how many visitors actually converted into installs

44,460 (58%)
4 (0.01%)
0 (0%)

Play Store (organic)
4,651 (51%)
0 (0.00%)
0 (0%)

Tracked channels (UTM)
26 (23%)
0 (0.00%)
0 (0%)

Google Search (organic)
0 (0%)
0 (0.00%)
0 (0%)

Third-party referrers & AdWords
39,783 (59%)
4 (0.01%)
0 (0%)

A healthy 58 % :smiley:

that’s an excellent conversion rate Congo

Thanks, maybe because it was referred.
My music app which has around 3 million downloads has a 30% rate.
Is it good?

Yeah that’s also good mostly good apps get conversion rate between %30-%45

Thats amazing!! Congrats :slight_smile:
How much did they charge you ?

I already wrote it was free for me

I have spoken to them and they told me that that promote only paid apps for free. They told that to get free promotion i need to make my app free for them for one day etc.

How did you achive that they promoted your free app for free?

Also i saw their prices for paid promo - about 1$ per install…

I’ve actually emailed them asking the same question. Will drop a message as soon as they get back to me.