I gave 1 star review for a game but it has been removed

Did anyone have a similar experience? I rated one game with 1 star but now my review is gone. Wondering if Google is removing bad ratings for some apps to get them to the top charts?

Did you rate it with your developer google account? If so maybe google thinks your trying to attack your competition?

Yes, that is what I did.

It makes sense, but wouldn’t that mean it was manually investigated by Google?

I don’t know.

The developer of that app might have reported the review whicn caused google to investigate. But the investigation might have been just a bot checking if yoj are also a developer.

As a developer, reporting bad reviews with spam never helped me… So I don’t think anyone in Google pays attention to those requests.
In the last few weeks the rating system seems to be a bit off, a lot of reviews good and negative disappear and reappear later.

I didn’t write a review, I just rated. So there is no way they could report that review because they couldn’t trace my review.

Yes, that seems likely.