I buy apps - want to sell?

Hello, everyone!
I have some budget to spend on buying apps, and if you want to sell your app please contact me.
Only Android apps/games.
App must be published on Google Play market for at least 5 months.
App must have over 100 000 downloads.

Please pm me or write to [email protected]
Please include link to marekt page into your message.


Hey @AlexanderMatv,

That’s very interesting practice in buying the apps and then monetize them.

I recommend to start promote any app before to start to monetize it. It should make a rush around it and only after this you will get benefits.

Start with Store promotion make people think your app has reliable audience and order quality ios reviews.

Besides the app can implement its functions in case it could be foundable in search result - so order ASO service in order to boost tons of organic installs.

And of course, you can order app installs (both iOS&Android) so you will significantly boost traffic and get improved your Store positions and become visible for huge amount of organic users.