I am new, and want some information regarding Game development!

Hi dear members,
I hope you will be fine. Dear, May I ask some information regarding Android Game development. What tools do I need to make a descent game? Is Android Studio enough to make a descent game? Or Should I use some different frameworks for games? And what are the best frameworks to make Android game, and which of them are compatible with Android Studio? Your suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks!

Look into libgdx, unity3d

Xamarin’s app framework is a favorite for app developers, especially those with a more flexible budget.

Are these compatible with Android studio?

And Engine, you can design any kind of 2-D games using it.

There are a few game makers that come with ready templates and that are easy to use. All of them are not perfect but perfect to get quick revenue of games.
I work for example with appmk linksame gamemaker and difference game maker. I also make simple games on white label of seattleclouds but there are not supportet sounds and I only can create them online and with paid plan.
And you see at my affiliate link
another software that provides 6 games in different categories and an active forum.
My favorite are this and appmk because the software runs independent from a service.
All these tools provide making money also with ads.
Hope I could help you

It all depends on your level of knowledge of making a game, mainly programming. How would you rate yourself?