I am Looking for a good Android Ad network with good returns and compliant 2017

Any suggestion or a good ad network (Besides FAN, StartApp & ADMOB) that is compliant with Google play policies…

I have tried all the above and i want to explore a different but good alternative…

my experience with the above -
ADMOB - Good return but they keep stopping ad serving for some funny policy reasons…
FAN - Very good but sometimes too strict example. if you app is not in the store for some reasons… they stop the ad serving regardless of how many active users you had… You cant use them if your app is not in the store or has been suspended - that is a big risk knowing google very well…
StartApp - Good enogh though i feel like their CPM is very low.

Please give a better alternative to help diversify from StartApp, that supports; Banners, Splash Ads & Interstitial

Most of this forum used Appodeal they are mediation Platform its good to have 100% fillrate, thats include Admob and startapp also

Do not waste your time and money with intermediaries. Their benefit is obviously your job. I worked with Appodeal for some time, until they forced the developers to have an AdMob account to work with them. At that point I realized that if I worked directly with AdMob I significantly increased my income. It is absolutely illogical to work with intermediaries when you can work directly with those who ultimately pay.


Maybe for you Admob is right choice, but believe me there are some other developers who used intermediaries like appodeal and had been satisfied and find good results than admob alone.

i don’t want to be forced to used Admob… that’s my issue. I am looking for an alternative… that puts appodeal out. from my chat with appodeal team, they pay their cpm pegged on what you are getting through Admob, meaning you are restricted to admob cpm… doesn’t make sense to mediate… you would rather do pure admob and earn everything by yourself .

Admob are the best ad network overall, period. Unless you can build your own platform for advertisers or create relationships and get direct deals, then mediation with Admob in the mix is the only way to maximise your ad efficiency.

Beyond finding a network that performs well for you, is the time it takes to integrate them into your project.

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