Making Money with Android

Hummermobi, your better choice of making money.

Hummermobi, your better choice of making money.

I’m Jessica from Hummermobi, an attractive ads platform. Now I’m here to introduce the quoted price of our company. You can make comparisons with your current ones, and then decide whether we can cooperate.

Ads Units: Out-app smartwall and push.
Payment Cycle: weekly (on each Friday).

We are charged according to the new imei, it means if your app has 1000 new imei then you’ll get 40-60 dollars.
High value countries: US$60 / 1000 new install of your app;
Medium value countries: US$50 / 1000 new install of your app;
Low value countries: US$40 / 1000 new install of your app.

It is easy for you to count the quantity of your new imei on hummermobi.
And now there are a series of activities on hummermobi for android developers all over the world. At present we are offering up to $12880 bonus for android developers whose monthly revenue are over $100,000. And each new registered user can get $10 as a reward. More details you can click on Hummer Most Opportunity Best Income
In addition to the above activities you can take part in, we also make great efforts on organizing the cash returning activities. Of which means that we will reward you according to your quantity and the ads effect. This is also a large amount of money you can get from hummermobi.

As you can see, this is the most suitable way for those who want to get maximum profit from their app. If you are interested in hummermobi or have any other questions, welcome to contact me at any time.

E-mail: [email protected]
Skype ID:[email protected]
Website: Hummer Most Opportunity Best Income

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