Huge folder size due to animation graphics

Hey guys

I am working on a game like clash of clans or age of empires.basically strategy game where you have map an buildings. The buildings are animated using frame by frame animation (not sure if there is other type of animation). The problem is that the resources folder is going easily beyond 100MB just simply from the images of the buildings in different states.

How do games like CoC manage their high intensive graphics game with 50Mg… What am I missing here? I am totally lost if I am doing things the wrong way

Please help me out

Most of them need to download resource files in game while starting the first time, rather than in app store/play store.

Quite an ambitious game u got there, how many people are working with you?

Are you using sprite sheets?

Ooohhhh really? I didn’t know that this is the norm
The problem is that when you download them, they are like external files and can not be placed as drawables in their density folders. Unless there is a way and I don’t know it

Similar. I am having each frame as it’s own file. Even if I put them in a sprite sheet with all the frames, it is the same total size

I am a single android developer and I have a graphics designer and business partner. It’s been a year worth of work. I know too long but I wanted to give it a try.

I am just not a game programmer and I am more of a tools/productivity app developer.

There’s a limit to how many files you can put in a drawable folder (at least there used to be). So I would put them together in a sprite sheet. Sprite sheets will also save a small amount of memory if done right (could also use more if not packed tight.) I would use a texture packer and make texture atlas’s. Something like

If your creating multiple sets of graphics for the different densities and resolutions. You’ll just have to manage loading the right ones instead of it autoloading from drawable folders.

Also you might want to use Google Play Expansion file system rather than downloading from your own servers. It’s free up to a certain amount.