HUGE fall in keywords search ranking

Hey guys:

Every day i check where my game Tap the Box is positioned when searching for the words “Tap” & “Box”. The game has been around the 28th and 30th position respectively for the last couple of weeks. But today i searched again and found out that Tap the Box is listed 208 when looking for “Tap” and could not even find its position for “Box”!

The game recently went our from New Apps (>30 days) but that cannot be the reason, i have not experience such (or any) drop in the rankings for this reason on my other games…

Anyone experiencing the same problem? Any ideas?

How long ago did you publish it? New apps seem to get a boost for the first ~30 days. The good news is that it will crawl back up over time if it’s a good game.

I had a similar issue with my unpopular game! :slight_smile: I think Google Ranking give a lot more priority to apps and games in the first 30 days and that affect everything (ranking under categories and ranking on search)
It will come back after a bit AFAIR. It’s mainly based on “The users that download this app also download this other app”.

We published the game the 24th of November. But my brother published another game a couple weeks earlier (early Nov) and he didn’t experience any drop in the rankings after the 30 days

that’s maybe related to a better position in ranking before pass out 30 days.
The key idea I think is just one : If the app is new is quite easy to get in ranking but as soon as it pass 30 days the app need to be popular or it will be very difficult to be in ranking anymore.
You game is really good and I’m sure you’ll get good ranking in long term!
Don’t worry! :slight_smile:

First the “rating problem” and now this… the risks of being in a monopoly i guess

Wow I just had the same thing happen! I’ve been checking one of my app’s ranking a few times a day after republishing it last Saturday (because it was suspended for using Mobario). It wasn’t even in the top 100 results the first day but made it back to #15 yesterday and was holding steady at 15-17. Then I checked again this morning and somehow it dropped to 45! It’s been published for less than a week and the number of daily installs wasn’t any different than the original version so I don’t think it had anything to do with the top new apps list

I just checked my game and same thing happened to me. App released on Dec 5.

maybe the negative reviews everyone seems to be getting have something to do with rankings?

I see Tap the Box:
for “box” - 27 place
for “tap” - 27 place

Using web google play - with en language - remember that ranking depends on country, you can change country with hl parameter, for example pl:

Well that’s weird, the app I mentioned yesterday is back to #13 now… I was starting to think Google added a new parameter to their ranking algorithm but maybe it was just a temporary glitch lol. Did your app go back up too @BaksaiApps?

Are you sure hl parameter is going to change the ranking?
It seems to me that change just user interface language.
You need to use a proxy to see the real ranking.

Yeah, for me it changes ranking. Not much, but some apps have different positions.

Rankings are back to normal! :wink: