Huge downloads drop?

Hello guys,

I am seeing a huge downloads drop on all of my apps (therefore ad revenue drop too), it began 3-4 days ago, have you guys encountered it too? I don´t get it, I haven´t done anything, apps are still on the very same place on the market. Is market down for some countries or what?


My downloads are low recent weeks too. It’s probably caused by changes to Google Play search algorithms or people choose competition apps etc.

I think this is the case for me too. Mine started a few weeks ago GAMEVIL planted one close to my apps name in the same space. Now instead of being the first to come up if they type my exact name, I’m like the third. I hate their algorithms for that crap.

I don´t know, its just weird, because all of my apps did that, not just one. After checking their position for main keywords, they are even higher than they used to be. Weird :confused:

That is strange. Hopefully it will pick back up, mine are down a bit overall right now too…

I’ve been experiencing a 25%-30% download drop over the past few days. My guess it has something to do with the new categories/subcategories added on Google Play.

Jesus, I hope it somehow gets back to what it used to be before, because this drop is major…

If somebody with big traffic from your related(similar) was delete from GP , accordingly you lose traffic, most traffic comes to you NOT FROM TOP, namely to the transitions with similar app.