Huge AdMob eCPM Drop

Hello everyone,

Last 4 days were terrible for me. Luckily, i saw more than 500 K impressions but only 0.20 - 0.18 eCPM so far.

How is your eCPM rates? I am afraid that i will have to change my Ad Partner.


No drop for me yet. What is your refresh rate? Have you changed anything? Maybe you are running some house ads?

Thank you for your comment.

My refresh rate is 30 secs.

No, i m not running any house ads.

Yesterday, i have reached 1 M impressions but 0.22 eCPM :confused:

For 30 second refresh it looks quite normal, I have aproximately two times that, but I use 60 seconds (so two times less impression that I would have on 30s refresh).

Thank you so much for your answer Magnesus.

Are you using any other ads ?

I’ve personally seen a 50 percent increase in eCPM from 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, there was increase recently - after Black Friday I think.

I’m using AppBrain appwall on closing of my games and leadball wall as an interstitial in one game. That is it I think.

I am also using AppBrain on closing of my app once in 3 days. But nothing more.

Here is my AdMob stats for December, just 9 days. What do you suggest ? I am very new in Ad - Network Market. 7 m impression(refresh rate is 35)

Am I wasting my potential ? Or i should stick with Admob ? I do not want to bother my users.

Your CTR is quite good for 35 seconds refresh rate (I have 1.36% for 60 second) so your revenue is probably actually quite good for your number of active users. I don’t know what would work in your case best - avoid notification ads, from what I know people also don’t like interstitials (they will get you more but your app/game will drop after that). The best way to gain more is to get more requests (and best way to do that is to make new apps and games). But I’m still an amateur at all this so don’t take my word for it.

@Fanarin How many apps you have? In which category? :slight_smile:


I have 25 apps in different categories. Personalization, Brain & Puzzle, etc.


I will definitely try the higher refresh rates, just as you. We will see what’ll happen.

I am sure eCPM will raise if i can get more clicks.

I was thinking to implement Leadbolt App Wall, which will show itself every 200 secs.


Good numbers, congratulations.

If you don’t want to bother the users then AdMob is the best so far.

But… if you want to duplicate your earnings (is possible) give a try to AirPush Smartwall.

If you want even more than duplicate your earnings (users will complain) then use notifications.

Good Luck.



I’m experiencing eCPM drop by 50% over last 7 days, is it seasonal?


Yes, its kind of seasonal. Last two weeks of December were exceptional in terms of earnings (and marketing spend as well). Now we are back to “old normal”. You can expect a slight CPC (hence CPM) increase at every month end, and higher increase every holidays (but December is best).