HTML 5 games page for monetization now available!!!

Hi,We have made a HTML 5 games page(including many casual games) for developers to earn more money,actually we set ads in these games,if users click the ads and install,then you’ll be paid.

More advantages:
1)Developer add a link(which jumps to the game page)in your App,no need to edit/add any codes.
2)It provides new contents for your App and increases the active users.

Some developers have used it and we’ve got positive feedback,anyone want to try?

By the way,to ensure better results,the daily active users of your App must be 50K+

Updated:Now the ads in the HTML 5 games page support mediation from Adsense,so the ads become CPC/CPI


so you provide a link that when clicked open the chrome with the html5, right? It can’t be inside the app because is not allowed , afaik

yes,it will open your browser

GP does not allow apps that are only a webview.

yes,so we recommend browser

So why post on Android forums?

For the developers who want to monetize without SDK

So basically, you need to put a link in your app pointing this website, in case that the users click then they will be redirected outside the context of the app to a html5 webpage, ok next, in case the user remains in the website he will start playing a game with ads,finally if the user click an ad and install then the developer earns money.

I’m sorry but LOL

not possible to monetize this way, the install rate is almost 0. It would be interesting if the developer get the money once the user start playing the game otherwise its almost impossible

Anyway, can you put a link of this html5 page? I want to take a look

Actually,the eCPM almost $0.5,if you try,you will see.

the game page link is:TALENT GAME BOX. The best casual games.

Now the ads in the HTML 5 games page support mediation from Adsense,so the ads become CPC/CPI

sounds interesting

Why not try?

Could i add my HTML 5 game to your page?

What kind of your game?Give me your link?

Just send PM for you.