HQ Android traffic from EasyVisual

Easy Visual is an innovative advertising network with a lot of HQ mobile traffic worldwide.

Our app shows banner ads on the user’s screens when they unlock their smartphones. Its main feature is - advertisements get real views which is 20 times more than the effectiveness of the banner ads.

This is a 100% hit to the target audience due to the wide customization of the targeting filters and the fact that users set up what ads they want to watch, so they will be interested in advertising and because of that we can provide a lot of cheap Android traffic.

We offer you to make a review of our network. This is a new marketing tool, and one that already has a good CTR (6-8%), so we think it will be interesting for your audience.

Write us to get our Ads cases with campaigns examples:

website: https://easyvisual.com
telegram: @EVTRAFFIC
e-mail: [email protected]

Wish you good luck!