How'd I do? Free Endless Platformer Shooter - AMMO INFERNO

Hi all,

I’ve just finished up my 7th published game and I was hoping I could get some feedback?
It’s an endless shooter, where you jump upwards and kill enemies on the way. As you get further, new harder enemies appear. There are multiple weapons and upgrades to buy. I put many hours into this project.

Google Play Store



Key Features:
[li]Handrawn pixel art graphics
[/li][li]Wide variety of fun weapons
[/li][li]20 characters - from pirates to dinosaurs to astronauts
[/li][li]Excessive particles (in a good way)
[/li][li]Constant discovery - you’ll never stop finding new things to play with

If you like it, please go ahead and leave a rating. If you think there are things I could work on, I’d love to hear about it on this forum.

Appreciate your time!