How Would You Spend A Large Gift Of Money

A co-worker of mine asked me this question the other day at lunch and it spurred a great discussion between everyone, so I thought I would ask the same to all of you. Curious to see what types of responses I get.

  • You are gifted four different amounts of money - what would you do in each situation? (retirement is an option): 500k, 1M, 10M, 20M:
  • Personally for me at 20M I think I would retire, certainly not at 500k or 1M given I’m only 23 (I do have a lot of friends who said they would retire at 1M), but 10M would still be tempting. I have an ambition for entrepreneurship (as I know many of you do), but the risk factor of leaving a six figure job still just is such a major leap. At the early levels I would likely invest the 500k into a home, 1M into a home and maybe try to start something on the side, but at 10M I had no idea what I would do as the potential becomes limitless. I said I would likely put about 1-3M into PE as an LP, then another 2-4M into public equities (totaling around 50%), keep roughly 500k-1M to fund a few years of travel and into potential investments as they arise, and the remaining into RE or into funding business ideas that present themselves.