How would you improve revenue of this

Hello all
I am looking for suggestion to improve revenue if there is a room for that.
Right now what I do is that I use admob (after Google play changes, I went really conservative). What I do is on app start, I show admob banners and interstitial. During my game I show one admob interstitial and at the end of the game I show another one. A game takes around 15 min on average.

Do you suggest I do things differently to improve revenue? Keeping in my mind I don’t want to deal with risky networks (not sure who is safest now)

Only other improvement in mind will be trying to to add free app button.
Thx :slight_smile:

Hi Hanfoosh,

I bet you wanted for develoeprs to answer that question, rather than network reprasentatives, so feel free to ignore :smiley:

One of the most repeated advices here is to integrate more than one network in each app, so the user can get a larget amount of different offers. So, appnext or otherwise, I suggest you do try it (btw, appnext is 100% compliant).

As for the free app button - try our ClickTag. It doesn’t require SDK, just create the button and use the URL we’ll provide you. The user will go straight to Google Play. We also have a monthly promotion for this specific ad solution.
PM me for more details, if you think it’s interesting enough to try out.

@jonathan by the free app button I was referring to your clickTag feature so you can rest your case :slight_smile:
Yes I am looking for opinions from developers not ad networks