How to use Sensortower to optimize the keywords?

I am paying for a Sensortower acount. I have used it to optimize the keywords for my iOS apps and I now want to use it for Android.

I check the top apps for “galaxies”. #2 is the app “Ice galaxy”. It has got a lot of keywords, which are not included in its description, like “norn” and “seize”.
Isn’t only the words in the description counted as keywords in Android?

Are keywords as important for the downloads in Android as in iOS? If so, what strategy should I have to optimize the keywords? Should I just add the most suitable keywords to the description?

Sensor Tower is a tool which allows application developers to track and manage their positions and performance for different keywords in the App Store.
It supports apps for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

It also supports Android now. I have a subscription to Sensor tower. Does anyone know how to optimize the keywords for Android?

Hi, this is Hugh from Sensor Tower. Sorry for not having a whole lot of info on Android yet, but we are in the process of hiring more people to expand our Android capabilities. Keep an eye out on the blog, we will start posting keyword strategies for Google Play as soon as we are ready to go.

@RedStripe, pls. post a thread here once you are aggregating latest data for google play

@javaexp Will do.

@Hugh - any update for the Android lovers ?