How to triple your Android free app revenue in an hour!!

Hey guys! Focus on creating unique & engaging apps. We will take care of monetization.

Have you heard ofAppodeal - mobile ads revenue optimizer | Home?

It is a free revenue squeezer and ad optimizer for major ad networks. Made for publishers by publishing veterans.

Core features:

  • squeezes 15-300% higher revenues from ad networks
  • automates management of your inventory
  • completely free

More features:

  • dynamically allocates your traffic among different ad networks:
    Admob, Chartboost, Applovin, Amazon ads, Smaato, OpenX, Rubicon, MoPub and others.
  • automatically tracks performance of each network in each geographical region and builds a dynamic waterfall based on highest eCPM
  • automatically blacklist low-performing advertisers on ad networks
  • direct access to RTB exchanges
  • high fill rate, close to 100%
  • flexible payouts: Paypal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Google Wallet or regular wire transfers
  • tracks user behavior and automatically decides, what ads convert better — CPM, CPC or CPI
  • all-in-one SDK, that includes adaptors to all major networks. Integrate once, have access everywhere.
  • all-in-one account. No need to signup on each ad network. Set up one account on Appodeal, we will take care of the rest.

Appodeal does not charge any commission, our business model implies selling to direct advertisers in bulk at a higher rate.

It currently supports only interstitials for Android.

Our timeline:

  • April 15, 2015 — support for video ads, including rewarded video ads
  • April 30, 2015 — support for 320x50 ads
  • May 15, 2015 — support for iOS

Revenue improvement guaranteed.

I heard that your ad take about 10 seconds to load and not to mention if the user have poor connection.

Hi Romel!

We in fact did have this problem first when we launched. It’s already fixed, and the ads are instant upon request. New updated SDK was released, and is working perfectly!

Thanks!! :o

Do you support adobe air?