How to tell if tung oil is just tung oil?

I previously purchased some formbys tung oil finish at the big box store, only to find it was actually a blend of oils. Looking online it seems there is various terminology for tung oil. 100% tung oil, pure tung oil, 100% pure tung oil, tung oil finish, tung oil, fast drying tung oil. I plan on going to my local woodworker supply store to buy some on the way home today and want to make sure its just tung oil with nothing else added. I am not sure what brands of it they carry. I know they carry Old Masters products, and I saw on Amazon that Old Masters makes a Tung Oil and a Pure Tung Oil. I am guessing “tung oil finish” and “fast drying tung oil” have additives, but is it safe to say the others are just tung oil and nothing else added?


Manufacturers indicate the ingredients they must supply in the material safety data sheet, but you can also understand this by looking at the Internet. In fact, yes, you’re right, there are many varieties of Tunga oils, so it’s easy to get confused when buying. As for buying on Amazon, I’m not sure what to buy there. I once wanted to buy ghee, and the seller asked me: “what is ghee”. I was surprised because he had it on sale in his store, but he didn’t know what it was. In general, I advise you to find an online store specializing in Tunga oils or any other oil. It is in such stores that you should buy products.