How to stop annoying youtube advertisements?

whenever I playing a video the before the video starts there is an advertisement. And in the middle, the video pausing and starting an advertisement. We only can skip it after 5 seconds. Doesn’t anyone found this very annoying?
Can someone tell me a method to get rid of it?

Subscribe to YouTube premium , luckily for my country its only 1.85$ per month

YouTube premium is the only way to avoid advertisements.

Youtube Premium : The service costs $12/month and gives you access to a ton of stuff. $12. Well, just concern about it by trying a free version on apknite first.

So as most of the opinion I guess I don’t have an option otherwise upgrade it to premium. But other than not displaying adds is there any functions that only available for the premium version?

I tried using Adblock Plus extension on Google Chrome. It worked for me. Another solution is Upgrade to YouTube Premium.

Go ahead and download Adblock for Youtube, best solution for free.

Yep, I still using Adbock. It’s so good for free

Subscribe to YouTube premium
or use one of those services

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Use Adblock Plus extension on Chrome (Adblock Browser for Android - name on mobile) or AdGuard on

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