How to sign up for admob without not having released app to market?

OK, dumb question, How to I sign up for admob without not having released my app yet? They want a marketplace URL. I don’t want to make it public yet. I’ve read that for your screen shots it’s good to show them how the app will actually look (i.e. with ads) or some users will complain after the fact that no ads were shown in the screenshots.

Anybody have any input on this - Is there a way to put your ad on the market and have it “not released” yet? I’m about ready to publish my first app and haven’t done it yet. :slight_smile:

Or a side question - what’s the best network to signup first for? - I was going to sign up for Madvertise as well.

Thanks guys, :slight_smile:

I had no trouble signing up for AdMob before my app was released. Even though it asks you for a marketplace URL, they don’t seem to check that this is active or anything. Just put your expected URL there (i.e. market://details?

Other networks such as Madvertise may have different guidelines though - with several networks I’ve had to either have the app published already, or send them a brief description of the app before they’d approve my app.

I’d recommend signing up for AdMob first, getting it integrated, and you can use that for your screenshots. Then integrate the other networks as you see fit.

Hey David,

Thanks a lot. Thanks for your reply. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll put in the expected URL instead of anything actual. I wouldn’t have thought about that. :slight_smile:


Some other ad networks which needs approval does also tell you, that you just put in a placeholder link when you do not have the app released yet, so that’s the way to go

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