How to show ads when the user is offline?

Admob’s full screen ads are not shown when the user is offline. A lot of people turn the mobile offline to get rid of the ads. Is there any solution for this, which shows cached ads when the user is offline?

Let’s be smart about it, if the ad does show, how will it work without an internet connection?
Linking to play store requires connection.
Linking data back to you requires connection.
I guess you should build a game that requires internet connection.
Otherwise there is no point trying to show offline ads.

If you really want to show ads then you an simply “lock” the app / game if there is no Internet connection and show a dialog that data connection is required to open this app

This would make me find another game, especially if I knew it didn’t need a internet connection.
Doesn’t hurt to try though.

If you really want your user experience (regarding ad space) to be internet-agnostic - you could show your own House Ads (for another of your apps) - or some dummy ads type stuff if there is no internet connection.

What this will do is - it will not harm the user who uses internet, but those using without internet will not see an “enhanced” experience - i.e. it will be the same old - so this would at least remove the INCENTIVE to shutdown internet for the user.

So basically while you don’t earn anything if the user has internet off - at least the user does not have any better playing experience with internet off.

even though you run offline ads how will you show conversions to advertisers or brand advertisers?

If you really want to demonstrate ads then you may basically held or lock the app / activity if there is no Online access and display a discussion that information relationship is needed to start this appcustom website design . I have an app relating web designing and in actual the company is also very fascinating.

It’s going to be difficult to do this (although no impossible) as it’s not easy to track performance. So I’d be more afraid you not being credited for some revenue you deserve. But, it might be a great opportunity to connect your fans to your other apps - if you can’t monetize them with other advertisers you should try to build their retention.

What you and adforandroidapps suggest is probably the best alternative here. I will try to design a solution, which shows fullscreen ads for my other apps, when the user is offline.

My point was basically to not focus on the loss of revenue - but in leveling the playing experience so it is nearly the same regardless of whether internet is on or off.

This will remove the core problem - of vastly better user experience if internet is off - by making both internet off and on experiences similar (you show something else similar to ads instead if internet is off - for example your own house ad type of graphics).

When there is no incentive to turn off internet your users will automatically wind up turning on internet.

I’m not shure about that. Why can’t adds be cached when the user is online but does not use the app? I believe one add company requires manifest permissions to do that. It uploads about 10 mb of adds, ands shows them also when the user is offline. I believe it is Tap for Tap that does this in its SDK. They stuff your app with adds, so it becomes 10 mb heavier, and pull new adds if the user in online. I asked them questions about it, also about the amount of required permissions, but I got a superficial not satisfying answer.

I looked it up.

Why TapForTap Requires the Permissions It Does

INTERNET: Required to download ads.
READ_PHONE_STATE: Required to do conversion tracking and work with monetization partners.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Required to check network status in order to help the SDK be smarter about network requests.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Required to check network status in order to help the SDK be smarter about network requests and to help with conversion tracking.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required to cache ads locally on the phone. This greatly improves performance and reduces network traffic and radio usage. TapForTap is capped at 10MB of disk space.

Let’s say that’s true and the ads are being cached. What happens when an user clicks and ad without having internet connection? Obviously they won’t be able to load the content on the new page. How will this help?

You have a point there. But also impressions can count, not only clicks. And tracking can happen offline too. I track my app with flurry, and sessions keep showing up untill 24 hours after the session date. So I assume the results are cached, and send when the user is online again.

I don’t think there are a lot of ad networks with cost per impressions model. I haven’t heard of a successful one, anyway.

If I were an advertiser trying to promote my Android game I wouldn’t continue advertising if I knew I was paying for impressions and ads could be shown offline when the user can’t actually go to my game’s page when clicking my ad.

How about cached video ads? Are there any networks that just show the video without asking u to click on something afterwards? You cant click on TV commercials but they’re still the most expensive form of advertising

I’ve always wondered the same thing about TV commercials: why do companies spend so much money on advertising on TV if it’s close to impossible to measure the effectiveness of such campaigns?

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I posted in the past about this in this forum.

We have to make users used to play with Internet connection on.

The best way is to always show ads: when online, we show ads from an ad provider. When connection is down, show ads about your own games (of course these “offline/ads” must be part of your game so you could show them independent of network connection).
This is what I am implementing in my name next game.

IMHO if you lock your game in some way when Internet is down, you surely will receive bad reviews on Google Play.

even though you run offline ads how will you show conversions to advertisers or brand advertisers?

I didn’t understand you. Sorry.

The idea of showing ads for user while they’re offline is not to make money from it (at least not directly).
The idea is to educate the users so they will know it doesn’t matter whether they’re online or offline ads will be there. The idea is that in the long run they will stop turning Internet connection off and will start seeing ads from ads provider that will pay us.

So, when offline show ads from your own games / apps or other sites you own. It doesn’t matter. What matter is: show ads so users won’t see any advantage playing without been connected.

If they see ads no matter the connection state, it’s better for them to let Internet connection on (they will be notified about WhatsApp message, Facebook messages, and so on).