How to setup Android App Install business? please help me


Can anybody help me setting up Android App install business like people are serving on Fiverr.


Please help me

Here’s one way:

  1. create one thousand Google accounts (good luck)
  2. have a spreadsheet with a record of those one thousand accounts (good luck)
  3. create Fiverr account and store
  4. sell your services for for a cheap price, so you get work and reviews
  5. make sure you deliver
  6. there you go, your business is setup

but, I suspect you want to automate all this… lol

Thanks a lot taking time to reply me :slight_smile:

hhhmmm… isn’t there any other solution? something like, " Automate" :wink:

Here is another way:
(1) Set up an App2top account, here you can get 4000+ UK installs, 1000+ Australia, 800+ German installs, 500+ Japan installs, 600+ Italy installs on ONE day at 0.1 usd per install, i.e. you may buy 45 installs with 4.5 usd.
2) create Fiverr account and store
3) sell your services at the price of 5 usd per 45 tier-one countries installs. The market price average for country targeted install is 40 installs per 5 usd, so you beat the market.
5) when you get orders of 45 installs on fiverr, you buy the same number of installs on App2top at 4.5 usd. In this way, you earn 0.5 usd :wink:

Safe and effortless!

i would think you setup a machine with Docker that enables multiple virtual machines logged on different proxies and different google accounts and different VPNs that… (bots)
or a massive script that start ups genymotion Vms with different google accounts and also do that.
But have never tried, so cant give you the details, sorry

Hhhhmmm… Thanks a lot guys for all your support and suggestions. I think WhiteHat methods are fine and i’ll follow them.