How to see ads from another countries?


Did anyone found a way to setup emulator (or a physical device) through a proxy to see ads from another country? I live outside of US and some ad networks popular in the States just don’t have any inventory for me to see. And I would like to try the real ads (and not only some test banners) before putting something in the hands of users.

I have access to a server in the US that I can use as a proxy for the traffic but I struggle to configure it all correctly.

On a side note - when fighting with this I came up with an interesting business opportunity. A farm of servers/‘the cloud’ with android emulators of different types from different locations accessible through a web browser. You upload an apk file, choose or configure an emulator(s) and can interact with them through a browser. I would gladly pay for a service like this. And technically everything is there. Not sure if there is enough demand though.

But anyway - if anyone can help with how to see ads served to another countries I’d be thankful.


Hide My Ass offers a fairly cheap VPN solution. I’ve used this with a PPTP VPN connection (built into Android) on my device no problems. Gives me a US IP address, which is usually used for geolocation. Plus, HMA offers IPs in many regions (Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania…) so you can use the same setup for multiple tests.

If you’re testing ad networks which use GPS to find your location, you’d probably have to use an emulator with this VPN setup + faked location (which can be done with the emulator).

Thanks David, that looks promising - I will give it a try. I fixed myself on trying to setup the emulator over a tunnel that I forgot I could use VPN to redirect entire traffic from my machine.

Having IPs from many regions is brilliant - if this works then it’s definitely worth 30k ad impressions per month (my new currency for anything :))