How to safely buy and use a new Google Developer account?


My developer account just got closed for unknown reasons (but I suspect it because I use the same credit card that purchased a suspended account). The account have accumulated so many downloads and good ratings and that sucks for being closed. The apps in the account are 100% clean, no policy violation or anything. But we all know Google sucks.

The only way I can continue deliver apps to customers is to buy a new dev account and reupload the apps. But I’ve heard that Google could track down the link to the suspended accounts and close it again.

So I wonder what precautions could be made to make sure Google couldn’t track it down? Here’s what I think I will apply

  • Use a Virtual machine
  • Use a private VPN
  • Use a different credit card, different name, different address to buy a new developer account
  • Different package name
  • Different signing key
  • Never use the virtual machine to access the banned account

Are these precautions enough to make sure they couldn’t link it to the old accounts?

Is there any body here get account closed even they apply all the above precautions?

I am posting here to get updates on what others have to say who have experience in using multiple developer accounts.

Any news on this?

This would be enough , I do not think a VM is required , only a fresh installation of ADT is OK ,
also be aware of public VPNs specially in the US , Google marks them easily …

You might want to use a VM when doing things online with said account, but offline I doubt there’s any need. If anyone has proof that a VM truly is beneficial please present it.
A totally different physical machine is probably better/easier, if you know it’s worth the effort.

Get an account via a reliable contact, there are several threads on here with contacts in. If you don’t fancy doing that then do your own, but you will have to take every step possible to disassociate the account with your other ones, banned or not.

Use a proxy/vpn or sth like that.

Always use Incognito/Private Browsing mode on a browser. Probably best off not using Chrome at all as it phones home a LOT.

Obviously totally different package names/keys/etc.

Never upload apps in bulk. Always take your time, maybe a few days between different app uploads.

All these things will do is HELP to disassociate the account from any others. There’s never a guarantee that Google won’t track it down since no one can know just how far they go/would go/how they do things.

If you do things that violate their policies on the account then you are just as likely to get banned as anyone else.

Do you guys know who are the honest Play accounts sellers in this forum? I saw a few posting ads but I didn’t see any feedback about them so I’m afraid that they are scammers.

@tpjackson, buy it directly from some non-developer (like translators, marketing guys) on odesk/freelancer. Just pay them 15-20 bucks extra.