How To Root the ASUS Transformer Prime

My Transformer Prime tablet arrived yesterday (thanks Pete!). When I first started up, it automatically upgraded from Honeycomb to ICS (4.0.1), which means I finally get my wish of using ICS on a tablet :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the newest firmware version (v9.4.2.11, in my case IML74K.US_epad- doesn’t work with many of the rooting methods currently available. I tried a few threads on XDA forums, but kept getting permission errors.

In particular, this is the message that was stopping the root process:

> adb remount
remount failed: Operation not permitted

Today I finally found a rooting method that works, even with the latest update.

viperMOD PrimeTime v4 is a very simple & reliable root utility for the Transformer Prime. It runs on Windows, Linux & Mac, and offers three different rooting methods. Plus, it has a one-click unroot option which reportedly works flawlessly.

It took me 10 minutes to root my Eee Pad Transformer today, using the PrimeTime utility with the bundled Windows drivers. For any other Transformer Prime owners, I’d highly recommend checking out this tool for a painless root.

Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences with the Prime. It’s looking more and more likely that this is the device I’ll go for (might wait for the new version though).

BTW, saw this in my feeds today:

nice info and please keep it up

Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial. There are many great apps now and you can root the tablet within a few minutes.