How To Root Android With 360 Root

Are you looking forward to rooting your Android device? If so, this piece of the article would be useful to you. As you know, there are plenty of rooting tools available for free and money. But we have to struggle a lot when trying to choose an ideal rooting tool for our device since it is hard to find out the most successful rooting tool for your Android device. In here I am going to give some clues about one of the successful rooting tools

What Is 360 Root

360 Root is a free Chinese rooting tool that is developed by 360 Security Center. The app is available for both Android and PC and works as a one-click rooting tool. But there something you need to know before considering the tool. The tool comes in Chinese language and there will be a bit complication when using the tool. Although the language is a bit different it is not hard to use since it works as a one-click rooting tool.


360 Root compatible with Android Eclair to Android Lollipop and works on a number of smartphones models that are produced by the world’s leading smartphone brands such as Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Huawei, Coolpad, Lenovo, Vivo, LG, Philips, Hisense, K-Touch, Motorola, Xiaomi, Dell, Meizu, Sony etc.You can root your Android device with 360 Root if meets above requirements. You can confirm the compatibility of your device with visiting the official site

How To Use 360 Root

You need to unlock your device it comes with a locked-boot loader to avoid possible 360 Root failures. Also, there is a possible chance to 360-Root failures on updated Android smartphones. As the tool is very simple, you do not need to follow a heavy process. Just Install it as usual Android application on your Android smartphone and tap on the “Root” button to proceed. The one and only cons of the tool is language and avoid the tool if you feel uncomfortable with its language. Also, developers has mentioned that some smartphone models need to be rooted using the PC version since the Android version not successful on them. So it is better trying PC version if you fail to root your Android device

Final Word

As you know, rooting is always risky and need to be done with full comprehension. As for now, I have not used the tool myself because my device is rooted already now. I just provide you with a reference and you will check it and use.