How to root Android using Root Master

If you are interested in rooting your Android device Root master is one of the best Android tools as the XDA Developers. It updated and now you will be able to get the latest 4.0.1 version to root your device. There are a lot of features that you can be got by using Rootmaster. There is only APK available but not like other APKs this hold a higher rate of success in Android rooting. And one of the most important things is rooting will void the warranty you have to your device. So be smart and use software that goes both ways. So if you still need to do something with the device after rooting just unroot it with this third-party app.

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How to root with Root Master

[li]The first step is to enable download from unknown sources. So go to the Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Enable.
[/li][li]Then Visit the official website and download the Root Master APK.
[/li][li]Install it like a regular application.
[/li][li]Now launch it and find the Start button and click on it.
[/li][li]Then you have to wait a few seconds until its checking for the compatibleness of the device. If it is okay you can go to the next step.
[/li][li]Next, you can see it rooting the device.
[/li][li]After it completely finished, on that window you will see the message “Successful”.
[/li][li]Last restart the device one more time.

How to unroot

[li]It is easy just like the root.
[/li][li]Go to play store and download the SuperSU application.
[/li][li]Launch the App
[/li][li]Go to settings and you will see the button Full Unroot
[/li][li]Just like that, you will get the unrooted Android device again.

[i]Final Verdict

When it comes to the Android rooting there are several tools that you can support to do it. But select the most suitable one is very important. And do not forget to consider the ability of unrooting of the software that you intend to use. It is an additional feature. So why don’t you try the Root Master which has all the above qualifications? This is compatible with Android cupcake version to lollipop.[/i]