How To Root Android Using Fastboot Commands


As far as I know, there is no other topic than Android root that is beign discussed over the internet and personally related to Android. The higher the Android goes, the more Android Root is discussed as Higher Android version comes with tight security features. As you know there are two universal technique to root your Android device as one-click rooting apps and PC method.

One-click rooting apps and PC method

One-click rooting methods use security loophole found on Android kernel and acess to the system partition of the device allowing users to do so. Currently, one-click tools developing is becoming weak due to advanced security strategies. So, the PC method has been more reliable than one-click tools. Samsung Odin is the best example you can consider

How To Root Your Android Using Fastboot Commands Through PC

[li]Download correct root package (SuperSu binary) for your Android smartphone on your Windows computer and move it to the smartphone
[/li][li]Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your computer
[/li][li]Download TWRP custom recovery image on the PC
[/li][li]Enable USB debugging mode on your Android
[/li][li]Now, boot your device in to fastboot mode using the specific button combination
[/li][li]Connect your device to the computer
[/li][li]Open the “ADB and Fastboot” folder
[/li][li]Use “Shift+Right click” on any white empty area to open a Command Window
[/li][li]Select “Open command window here” from the menu that appears
[/li][li]Type command: fastboot devices in Command Window
[/li][li]Next, type command: fastboot oem unlock to unlock the bootloader
[/li][li]Now, move the TWRP.img file in to the “ADB and Fastboot” folder
[/li][li]Open a Command Window and type the command: adb reboot bootloader and hit enter to boot your device in to recovery mode
[/li][li]Select the option “Apply Update from ADB Sideload” from your android recovery mode using the volume buttons
[/li][li]Next, type command: fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img to flash TWRP recovery
[/li][li]This command will flash TWRP recovery in your Android and you can flash the root binary file after booting your device to the recovery mode

Note: If you are a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user, you can flash CF-Auto-Root package in the stock recovery using Samsung Odin without flashing a custom recovery. It is simpler and easier than using custom recovery. Visit this website to learn more.

Final Word

You can use this method for any Android device. But do not proceed if you are not familiar with fastboot commands and also if you do not feel the self-confidence to proceed. Instead, try to find out a successful one-click rooting tool which can simply root your device with a few steps