How To Root Android - Root EMUI 8 With Magisk

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EMUI is the operating system which is used Huawei smartphones. EMUI stands for Emotion UI and it is a customized version Android which was launched in 2012 as Emotion UI 1.0. The initial version of EMUI was based on Android 4.0 and launched with a voice assistant app that works with Chinese language support. Currently, Huawei uses EMUI for Huawei and Honor-branded smartphones

Root EMUI 8

EMUI 8 is based on Android Oreo and comes with really cool features such as intelligent photography, Microsoft translator, AI-driven hints and tips, multi-windows smart screen,pad-like multi-column viewing, floating dock, vivid Micromotion Wallpaper, easy projection, Privacy protection, support for full desktop experience and many more things. So, you might be thinking about why you should root your device if EMUI 8 provides this much facilities. Actually, none of the Android smartphones provides all the capabilities to its users as it comes through a third party. As, you know, three parties involve in Android smartphones as Google, device manufacturer, and the User. Usually, the purpose of the device manufacturer is to earn profit and being Android an open-source platform is restricted by the device manufacturer to some extent. As a result of this, you have to bow in front of the restrictions that come from Google and the device manufacturer. Therefore, actually, you get only a little portion of the full potentials of your device. Not only for Huawei but also all the Android devices surrender for this law. So, now you may understand why rooting is essential.

Root Huawei EMUI 8 With Magisk

1 Step - Unlock the bootloader of your smartphone and get a complete back up of it
2 Step - Download and Install accurate TWRP custom recovery on Huawei smartphone
3 Step - Download Magisk Zip file on your device
4 Step - Use specific button combination and boot your device into recovery mode
5 Step - Tap on the “Install” icon and select the Magisk file
6 Step - Slide the slider and flash the Magisk on your device and tap on “Reboot System” to get back to normal

Note: You can only use this general method if your device is supported by TWRP recovery. If your device does not support custom recovery or you cannot boot your device into recovery mode, you need to patch the RAMDISK.img file of your Android device using Magisk Manager and flash it in fastboot mode

Final Word

I hope now you understand how to root your Android using Magisk. Android Rooting is interesting and allows you to access the different dimension of Android operating world. But make sure to study the Android rooting as much as you can before proceeding.

Thanks for sharing about rooting as I haven’t aware of it until coming across your post.

You are welcome, I am happy to hear that my attempt to share knowledge with others is fruitful…