How To Root Android Lollipop With KingoRoot

One-click rooting tools are very popular nowadays as they easily grant root access for Android users. Most Android users are really keen on Android Root as it can unlock the locked potential of the Android operating system. In simple terms, Android rooting is the process that allows you to dive into the topmost system files of your device. Root access allows you to install game hacking apps such as Lucky patcher, music equalizer such as viper4 android and allows you to use all the available features in apps such as greenify.In addition to installing apps, it allows Advanced Android users to change their loving Android device amazingly.

How To Root Android

The most popular way root Android devices is using One-Click rooting tools. One-click rooting tools are very simple and easy to use. But the majority of available one-click rooting tools are only compatible with quite older devices that are running on older Android versions. So, if you are using the latest Android smartphone click over here since the one-click rooting tool that we are going to discuss here is only compatible with Android 1.5 to Android 5.0. However, Google says that the majority of devices in which access to the google play store are still running on Android Lollipop.

What Are One-Click Rooting Tool

One-click rooting applications are available in both APK and PC versions. Technically, one-click rooting tools use the weak security points in the Android framework to place the Su binary file in the system partition to grant root access for root access needed apps. Since weak security points are patched by Google from time to time, you lose the root access if you update your device after rooting it. Therefore, One-Click rooting tools cannot be considered as stable rooting solutions since these security patches conceal the available security holes.

How To Root Android Lollipop With KingoRoot

Kingoroot is available in Kingoroot PC and Kingoroot APK. You can select one of them in which the Kingoroot PC application said to be more successful than Kingoroot APK. Here you can understand the way to use the Kingoroot APK which can be downloaded on your device directly

Note: Rooting is dangerous and proceeds at your own risk

[li]Backup all your device data before starting the rooting process[/li][li]Ensure to have enough battery power on your device to complete the process[/li][li]Enable unknown sources and USB debugging mode[/li][li]Connect your device to the internet[/li][li]Visit Kingo Root site and download Kingo Root apk on your device directly and install it on your device[/li][li]Next, launch the application[/li][li]Simply, tap on the “one click root” button to start the rooting process[/li][li]Do not operate your device until you get the final result[/li][li]If everything is OK, you should get the “Root Succeeded” message[/li][li]Finally, reboot your device and download root checker application on your device[/li][li]Run the application to see if you have rooted your device successfully[/li][/ul]

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