How to root Android - Download Kingo for a Simple rooting

Android rooting could be a very complicated mechanism which can not be performed by anyone unless you have rooting tools which only spend a single click to the whole rooting process. With these kinds of third party applications, people forget what is actually rooting is like. But we don’t need the hard way when we have the easy way. So today I’m going to talk about the king of the One-click root tools named KIngoRoot.

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What is Kingo?

It is a powerful app that compatible with almost all kind of mobile brands such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Vivo and oppo and etc. But it’s only compatible with above versions of Android 4.0. we could not use this tool for old Android versions. There is mainly 2 method for rooting with Kingo. One is for direct rooting and other is for indirect rooting which has to be done using a PC. In here you will find out about both ways that can be root your android smartphone or the tablet.

But if you have a Samsung device its better you have read other options before proceeding. Click this -

Android Rooting with APK

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[li]First, you have to allow download from unknown sources.
[/li][li]To do this Go to General Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources and enable it.
[/li][li]The official web page includes the downloads so you have to go to it in order to download Kingo.
[/li][li]The web site is
[/li][li]There will be two buttons and click the one for Android because we are using a direct rooting method here.
[/li][li]Once its downloads install it just like a regular application.
[/li][li]Launch it and find the button “One Click Root”
[/li][li]Clicking this button will be started the rooting.
[/li][li]After a few seconds, you will be able to see the result of your attempt.
[/li][li]If it is not successful try few times to root it again by clicking the “One Click Root”
[/li][li]But after that attempts also you still do not have a successful result move to windows method.

Android rooting with Windows version

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[li]In this method, we are going to use a Windows PC
[/li][li]Just follow the above instruction to go to the official web page.
[/li][li]from the two buttons which are available click the one for Windows.
[/li][li]It will be downloaded to your computer
[/li][li]It’s also a regular application. so install it like one.
[/li][li]It will create the desktop icon
[/li][li]Click the icon and launch it.
[/li][li]Use a USB cable and connect the smartphone or the tablet to the PC
[/li][li]Stable internet connection will be helpful in this step because it will download the necessary drivers.
[/li][li]Enable USB debugging mode on your device.To do this go to General –> settings –> about –> build number –> Tap 5 times –> you are a developer now –> settings –> developer option –> USB debugging mode –> Enable
[/li][li]Tick “Always allow from this computer” option when a message showed up.
[/li][li]Click the “ROOT” button displayed in the PC
[/li][li]Now the rooting process will be started
[/li][li]Wait until the process finishes its job.
[/li][li]Finally, the device will be rebooted after everything completes.
[/li][li]Check if the SuperSU is installed or not. Usually, it will be download after any successful rooting.

Final verdict

I don’t remember how many devices I rooted with this tool. But I got no problem yet. It is easy and efficient. But I prefer the PC method over the APK because it is much more successful. So instead of trying APK go straight to the PC method which is much reliable.[/i]

How to Root Android Device Easily?This article introduce several ways to root Android device,including almost all of the Android deivce on market.You can learn from it and find suitable one to help you root device.

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